About Hyndia

The idea of creating Hyndia came up after constantly being asked the same question: Where do Lonô's clothes come from?! A simple question that could be answered: they're from Hyndia!!!

Between soap operas, tv shows, a child to raise, a house to take care of, I made a dream come true.

I was concerned with creating a brand entirely manufactured in Portugal, with high quality standards, using only 100% organic cotton, not producing large quantities in order to guarantee zero waste.

The first Hyndia collection is made up of super comfortable and genderless clothes.
The pieces are unisex, not just because of the sustainable ease of passing them on between siblings, but, above all, because I believe that colours should not be predestined for boys or girls. We must give our children the freedom to explore what they like most, free of limits.

I want kids to smile and to make others smile when they wear Hyndia 🤎.